Winter Safety


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Rapid response
Keeping your property operational throughout  the winter
Keeping safe this winter

Our Winter Safety scheme ensures peace of mind throughout the winter months. This service can be operated on either a contracted or a call-out basis, and includes gritting, rock salt and snow clearance. Despite call-out services being necessarily subject to demand and availability at the time, we have achieved an excellent track record of fulfilling urgent client requests.

Grit spreading service, using white rock salt to minimise risk of damage to paved surfaces and interior flooring.

Snow clearance service, using both mechanical and pedestrian operated equipment.
Grit bins

Supply, delivery and positioning of grit/salt bins in agreed locations.

Replenishment of grit/salt bins at the start of the winter season and following periods of severe weather. Monitoring service available.
Equipment Supplies

Supply and delivery of pedestrian operated heavy duty grit spreaders and snow clearance equipment. Can be delivered direct to specific locations, including security huts.
Rock Salt Supplies

Supply and delivery of bagged or loose rock salt, utilising our own teams to ensure material is delivered exactly where you want it.
Perfect timing

We monitor the most accurate weather forecast available to ensure gritting takes place precisely as and when it is needed. All supplies can be delivered and installed exactly where you want them.

  • “Please thank the team for reacting so quickly to the snow and ice and keeping our estates operational, I am sure our customers appreciate the quick response.”

Steel bollards outside a corporate office
Accredited with the best

It pays to plan ahead - by keeping your access routes clear and safe we enable you to continue your normal operations.
Ensure your grounds are kept safe and accessible this winter.
Contact us now to discuss our winter safety and gritting services.
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